Urbanista came out of a vision to glorify the urban lifestyle and create products that make life better for modern people in urban environments. We design for life in motion. With a passion for colour, form and mobility, our products are influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition where we have our roots. Wear Your Music! is our collection of headphones, the ultimate music accessories for Urbanistas on the move.

In recent years, big cities have solidified their importance on a global scale and people have become increasingly mobile. As a result, the urban way of life has become synonymous with men and women all over the world who live active lives, are always on the move, and appreciate all the best things the big city has to offer. As we explore urban tendencies and ideas, we see a shrinking world in which urban people have more in common, regardless of which city on the planet they call home.

We cater to you - the active, conscious and curious - and we call you Urbanistas.

Design Philosophy

Our designs are heavily influenced by the Scandinavian tradition in which we have our roots. Scandinavian design has been associated with sleek, innovative and uncomplicated form that seeks to bring functional, well designed products to a wider audience at an affordable price.

This approach has been a strong force in the development of our products. They are always designed to be diverse, serve many purposes and can be used in different situations and occasions.

Technology is a means to an end, with the sole purpose to deliver great quality, functionality and sound. Style, on the other hand, is what is truly born out of creativity and that's where we make a difference.

Career opportunities

Urbanista is a young and creative company in fast expansion across the world. The most important competitive advantage is the people working within or in collaboration with Urbanista. If you believe you are the person who can contribute to the development of Urbanista, please email